CedoVision Technology AB is a knowledge based software company specialized in the development of customized CAD/CAM solutions for the life science arena. We offer customized solutions including software applications, system interfaces and maintenance.
We are at the moment in an exciting period of technology development within artificial intelligence. Our focus area is on AI in medical 3D imaging.

Next Generation Software Platform

Our proprietary platform is developed to support: Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning, 3D CAD Video,  3D Virtual Reality, Additive Manufacturing, Big Data Storage, Thin Client Grid solutions and Customized User interfaces.

CedoVision AI Platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical 3D imaging will make a big impact in healthcare. Within a near future AI will be integrated in most of the new medical image systems.
The computer hardware technology will soon be so powerful that it will be possible to implement thousands of AI networks in a single graphics card. One AI network can be trained for different purposes. For instance some networks can be trained to detect and locate medical landmarks and others for measurements. Most known knowledges and experiences can be transferred to AI networks. Furthermore the AI system itself can be used to train more AI networks.
The CedoVision AI (CAI®) platform is being developed too meet the future in 3D medical imaging systems.


The CedoVision Graphics Server®, CGS, is a graphics software with powerful 3D functionality for use within medical imaging and planning. The server is designed and optimized for development of applications with high quality requirements, long lifecycles and high flexibility.

CGS uses Windows Inter Process Communication and can interface most of the modern programming language platforms (e g C++, C#, Java, Delphi). CGS also allows simultaneous interfacing of 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

The CedoVision Human Motion Model® HMM, is a software module for 3D simulation of human joints motions. HMM is applied in orthopedic Gait Analysis and Range Of Motion simulations.

The CedoVision Primitive Sculpting® is a software module for voxel based Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) applications. This technology is optimized for reconstruction and 3D printing of bones and support structures.

The CedoVision Artificial Intelligence® (CAI) is a comprehensive platform comprising AI servers, controllers, monitoring systems, script system, data logistics and APIs. Our script system enables to manage complex and long training cycles, which can sometimes span days or even weeks. We develop customized applications for tasks such as data preparation, annotations and user applications for AI models. The system is optimized to handle large 3D images, typically sourced from CT or MR scanners.
We continuously update CAI® to keep in phase with the rapid advancements in AI technology.

Data Augmentation

This example shows augmentation by deformation and resampling of a 3D medical image with landmark vectors. Data augmentation is a method to increase the size of the training data set for improved AI training.

Bio Scaffolds

bioscaffoldScaffold shapes that can be used for bioprinting. We use AI, Vector Interpolation and CSG for the development of 2D, 3D and 4D scaffolds.

AI Network

AI Network

3D-GAN, Generative Adversarial Network

CAI® 3D Generative Adversarial Network

3D Latent space interpolation

AI Validation

CAI Prediction of landmarks, localization of objects and segmentation of volumes.

Project Model

We work according to a professional process controlled project model. Our working methods in development projects are influenced by Agile methods where the work is done in close cooperation with the customer.

The model contains well-defined activities, document templates and checkpoints for quality follow-up and assurance


We value and strive to achieve high quality in our software and system solutions. Our work complies with a quality system, based on the ISO 9001 requirements as well as on international quality standards concerning programs and lifecycle processes for systems.

We work in close cooperation with our customers and strive to constantly improve our quality to match customer requirements, regulatory requirements, regulations and own driving forces.

CedoVision Technology AB
Medicinaregatan 8B
SE-413 90 Göteborg


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